A Part of the Family - Meet Maple's Sloan sisters. - Maple Services
A Part of the Family – Meet Maple’s Sloan sisters.

A Part of the Family – Meet Maple’s Sloan sisters.

For some of us, Support Workers become part of our family – particularly for individuals who may not have many relatives or a family to support them.

For others, Support Workers become a welcomed addition to an already strong family unit, and this has been the case of the Sloan Family – Donna, Samantha and Jessie.

Both Donna and Samantha were diagnosed with Fragile Syndrome X at a young age. For those who are unaware of this condition, it is an intellectual disability with symptoms including delays in talking, anxiety and hyperactive behaviour.

Having always lacked confidence to enter the community by themselves, Donna and Sam have utilised their supports with Maple under the NDIS to access the community, receive education, and secure employment.

Celebrating Jessie's birthday.

The Sloan ladies have been receiving support from Maple Community Services for close to three years now. Having formed an impeccable bond with Support Workers, Claire and Victoria, the family trio saw the difference Maple could provide to their NDIS Journey and decided to also utilise our skilled Support Coordination Team as well. Their bond with Maple Support Workers and their Support Coordinator, Brenton, has enabled both Donna and Sam to really set outside their comfort zones, and achieve their NDIS Goals with unmatched support. Their biggest achievement of late – achieving their Learners Licence – something that is not always an easy feat.

“Their Support Workers always encouraged the girls to keep trying even if they failed and boosted them back up to know they could achieve this goal. They even helped them study online for the test.” Stated Brenton – Support Coordinator for Donna, Samantha and Jessie.

We have all been there, sitting in that seat at Services NSW, with the pressure amounting as the questions tick through. Now imagine this feeling, but times 10. This is what is feels like for someone who suffers with anxiety in accessing the community. With a couple of setbacks through failing the initial test, the girls showed absolute determination and dedication to this goal – putting in copious amounts of practice at home with the help of Support Workers, Claire and Victoria. 

Support Worker, Claire, teaching Donna driving.

The freedom and liberation that comes with a Drivers Licence means Donna and Sam’s independence will continue to grow as the world becomes all the more accessible to them. With secured work on the horizon for Samantha, and many community access goals on the cards for Donna, these ladies will be clocking up a lot of Driving Hours in preparation for them to smash their P’s Practical test in a year’s time.

Congratulations girls – we are so proud of you.