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Supported Independent Living NSW

Maple Community Services in NSW

If you live in New South Wales and are looking to transition to supported independent living, for greater independence and access to the community then Maple has you covered.

At Maple Community Services we understand the unique needs of our clients. Our range of accommodation and support services is thoughtfully tailored to meet those individual needs, whether short term, medium term, or long term.

No matter the challenges faced, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients can embrace life to the fullest. With Maple, the promise of a brighter, more inclusive future beckons, filled with opportunities for growth, connection, and a life well-lived.

Types of Supported Independent Living in New South Wales

Depending on your or your loved ones needs and preferences, we can provide several types of Supported Independent Living within the NSW area. We meticulously choose locations that are conveniently situated near public transportation and local amenities, ensuring your ease of access to the surrounding community.

We have a selection of fully accessible private apartments and shared living arrangements with open plan living and easy transitions to outdoor areas. They are all fully furnished with accessible kitchens and bathrooms.

Maple Western NSW locations:

Cowra, NSW

In Cowra, NSW, this single-story home features three large bedrooms, living and dining rooms, a spacious kitchen, laundry, and newly renovated accessible bathroom with a ramp. It boasts beautiful gardens and a private backyard. Just a 2-minute walk from Cowra City Centre, it’s close to shops, parks, playgrounds, and a bus stop 500 metres away, offering easy access to community services and transport.

  • Three bedroom single story home
  • Private secure backyard
  • Proximity to Cowra city centre
  • Fully furnished
  • Bright open-plan living

Orange, NSW

This ready-to-move-in home in Orange features three bedrooms, a bathroom, large living and dining rooms, and study areas. The property includes a large backyard and activity nights hosted by the household. Conveniently located within walking distance to public transport, Orange Train station, local shops, and playgrounds, it offers both convenience and leisure.

  • Three bedroom spacious home
  • High accessibility
  • Centrally located
  • Fully furnished
  • Utilities included

Maple Eastern NSW location:

Newcastle, NSW

  • Brand new SDA Home ready for January 2024 
  • More information coming soon. 

Maple locations in Greater South and Western Sydney:

Jordan Springs, Western Sydney

Located in Jordan Springs, NSW, these two SDA properties features 5 two-bedroom units with private bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. They include communal areas for social events and team dinners. The properties offer secure front and backyards, courtyards, and are close to parklands and modern shopping villages, enhancing its appeal.

  • SDA Living 
  • Two Bedroom Apartments in a 5 unit dwelling. 
  • Shared living areas with private bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Centrally located and close to Penrith. 
  • Accessible kitchen and bathroom. 

Penrith, NSW

In Penrith, NSW, this property features 8 newly renovated 2-bedroom apartments, each with spacious bedrooms, living and dining areas, large kitchen, laundry, and modern bathrooms. Close to public transport, it’s near Penrith Town Centre, including Westfields, Nepean Shops, the hospital, playgrounds, and parks. This community-centric complex offers opportunities for group activities and social events.

  • Two-bedroom renovated apartments.
  • Bright open-plan living.
  • Accessible kitchen and bathroom designs.
  • Centrally located to amenities, local attractions, and Penrith CBD.
  • Undercover parking and outdoor spaces.

Austral, Western Sydney

In Austral, these newly built Fully Accessible and High Physical Support apartments offer ideal Specialist Disability Accommodation. Spanning 1150sqm in a new suburb, they feature a garden sanctuary, vegetable patches, and open spaces for relaxation. A communal area hosts social events and team dinners, emphasizing community living.

  • SDA high physical support apartments
  • Bright open plan living
  • Fully furnished
  • Large sanctuary garden
  • Spacious communal living area

Lethbridge Park, Western Sydney

This property features a large outdoor space and is part of a block with two granny flats, fostering a community atmosphere with regular group activities. The kitchen is well-equipped, and there’s a shared laundry. Conveniently, it’s near St Mary’s train station, a bus stop, a local shopping village, and 5 kilometres from Mount Druitt hospital.

  • 3 Bedroom Home, 2 Bedroom Granny Flat, and Studio 
  • Copious outdoor space
  • Communal living area
  • Centrally located
  • Fully furnished

Lethbridge Park, Western Sydney

This charming home features three bedrooms, a bathroom, and spacious living areas, set in a complex with two granny flats and a community vibe. It includes a well-equipped kitchen, communal laundry, and large outdoor space. Conveniently located near St Mary’s train station, a bus stop, shopping village, and 5 km from Mount Druitt hospital.

  • 3 Bedroom Home, 2 Bedroom Granny Flat, and Studio 
  • Copious outdoor space
  • Communal living area
  • Centrally located
  • Fully furnished

Lalor Park, Western Sydney

This bright, single-storey home with 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry, large kitchen, and living area, is ideal for community-oriented living. On the Hills District border, it’s close to health services, public transport, local shops, parks, and playgrounds. It features a large, nature-rich front and back yard, undercover patios, and big sheds, creating a green oasis.

  • Newly renovated property with brand new kitchen, bathroom and flooring throughout.
  • Nature oasis spacious backyard.
  • Bright natural light.
  • Proximity to community.
  • Fully accessible bathroom and kitchen.

Tregear, Western Sydney

This 1990s home in Tregear, on a large block with two granny flats, offers three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a spacious living/dining area. It’s 5km from St Mary’s train station, 350m from bus routes, and a 5-minute walk from a shopping center. Close to Mount Druitt Hospital, parklands, and open spaces, it combines suburban comfort with a touch of nature.

  • 3 Bedroom Home, 2 Bedroom Granny Flat, and Studio 
  • Activity nights and community events
  • Centrally located
  • Spacious communal dwelling
  • Bright living and dining areas

Hurstville, Inner South West Sydney

In Inner South West Sydney, this home offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large living/dining area, with a well-equipped kitchen. It includes a private balcony and is close to Hurstville Train Station, shops, cafes, and Hurstville Private Hospital.

  • Modern three bedroom property.
  • Spacious outdoor balcony and common grounds.
  • Spacious bedrooms and communal living areas.
  • Centrally located.
  • Fully furnished.

Woodcroft, Western Sydney

A short walk from Woodcroft Lake, Woodcroft Oval, and Doonside Shopping Centre, this Two Bedroom granny flat is idealic for someone seeking independent living in a supported environment. 

  • Newly Build 2 Bedroom Granny Flat
  • Modern Kitchen with basic utilities 
  • Spacious bedrooms and living/dining areas
  • Private Road Entry 
  • Private Backyard area

We always work to match our clients to people with similar interests to create a homely and welcoming environment for everyone. Additionally, we provide choices for individual occupancy with shared support worker ratios, giving you flexibility in your living arrangements.

Close Transport Proximity

We carefully select our supported independent living to be close to transport links for ease of access and commuting.

24/7 Support

Talk to a real person in real time; get real life support, in the moment solutions, and 24/7 responses.

Diverse Background & Languages

80% of our Support Workers come from different cultural backgrounds and speak a diverse range of languages so you feel comfortable and at ease during your journey with us.

Supported Independent Living Application Process

Reflect on your current situation, future goals, skills, and potential for improvement. Assess the support you currently receive from non-paid sources like family and friends.

Obtain assessments from Allied Health Professionals for NDIS eligibility. These assessments should cover the impact of your disability and your housing and support needs.

Obtain a written report from an Occupational Therapist, addressing your housing needs and any situational changes, such as ageing parents no longer able to provide support.

A psychology or GP report can further support your candidacy for SIL. These reports should indicate why you are a suitable candidate for SIL.

Your Support Coordinator should submit a detailed report outlining your housing solutions and a transition plan.

You, your family members, and carers may discuss your situation and disabilities to provide evaluators with a comprehensive view of your needs and abilities.

Maple Community Services is available to assist throughout the application or reapplication process, ensuring completeness and accuracy.

The NDIS will make a final decision on the types of services that will benefit you or your loved one.

You can rely on Maple as experts in helping our clients gain SIL approval whenever it is appropriate. We are happy to help you with your or your loved one’s SIL referral. With our fast turnaround time on referrals, we can help you get started more quickly than most SIL providers.

Our approach to Supported Independent Living in NSW

How can Maple help with SIL in New South Wales?

Maple’s compassionate team of disability professionals specialise in offering Supported Independent Living services in NSW for our NDIS participants. We draw from years of expertise to provide empowering and uplifting support to assist you in navigating the intricacies of daily life.

Maple specialises in:

  • Supporting SIL Clients with Criminal Convictions
  • Supporting Clients with high complex needs
  • Assisting Clients transitioning from hospital to their home
  • Facilitating NDIS funding
  • Crafting tailored NDIS plans

Reach out today to discover the possibilities of SIL in New South Wales with the help of the Maple team.

Other Maple Support Services

Core Supports

Core Supports are the services that enable you to complete activities of daily living, working towards your goals, and meeting your objectives.

Support Coordination

Support Coordination means we help you identify, coordinate and access support services and disability services providers on your behalf.

Plan Management

Plan Management consists of supporting you to manage your NDIS Funding. We are the connection between you, providers, and the NDIA.


Accommodation/SIL provides assistance and/or supervision of daily tasks to help you live as independently and happily as possible.

Contact our team to find out how we can help you

Supported Independent Living FAQ’s in NSW

The difference between SDA and SIL in New South Wales is the same across all of Australia. Under the NDIS two distinct daily living support systems are available for people living with disabilities:

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to the physical housing designed for people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. SDA are either specially built or modified properties that include features to accommodate specific needs of the residents. SDA funding is specifically allocated for the physical dwelling and does not cover support services.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is the support service that provides help or supervision with daily activities to assist NDIS participants to live as independently as possible within their home. SIL funding is generally allocated for person to person support provided by a disability support worker. SIL is more focused on the support participants need rather than the dwellings they live in.

There is no specific minimum age requirement for NDIS Supported Independent Living in New South Wales. SIL funding is determined based on someone’s needs rather than their age. However, SIL is more commonly allocated to adults who are transitioning to more independent living arrangements. For younger participants under 18, we can explore other services that can complement supports already in place in the family home or community. 

Yes, SIL and SDA are separate funding options and do not rely on each other. You can have SIL without SDA if you do not require high support needs. However, SDA without SIL is less common. If you have extreme functional impairments and have funding for SDA housing, you’ll likely benefit from SIL as a person to person support service as well.


This scenario will depend solely on each individual’s circumstances. For example, someone living with extreme functional impairment could live in SDA housing and receive informal support from family or utilise a different funding allocation for their daily support needs. In these instances, it is possible to have SDA without SIL.

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