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Maple Community Services prioritises getting to know you in order to identify and achieve your goals. We help you set a course for greater independence with reliable support. There is no better NDIS provider than Maple Community Services in supporting patients with Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy can be a debilitating illness and limit your abilities to participate in everyday activities. If you are affected by Cerebral Palsy, our Support Workers are highly skilled and trained to provide the assistance you need to live your life to the fullest.

Our extensive experience, capacity for 24/7 support, and strong community spirit sets us apart when it comes to Cerebral Palsy Support Services. Our strong family values and friendly specialists give you and your loved ones peace of mind and unmatched support to pursue a happy, fulfilling, and independent life.

Introduction to Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a congenital brain development disorder affecting movement and posture. These symptoms usually first appear during infancy or early childhood.

Unfortunately, with Cerebral Palsy, damage to the brain is permanent and there is no cure. However, if intervention is started early, effective management and support systems can greatly improve the quality of life of someone living with this condition.

Cerebral Palsy Information

Cerebral Palsy is the result of damage to the brain, usually from lack of oxygen in utero, which causes abnormal brain development. Cerebral Palsy is characterised by the inability to control motor functions normally and can affect the overall development of a child. It affects a child’s ability to explore, speak, learn, and become independent and thus may have lasting impacts on their overall functionality.

There are five major types of Cerebral Palsy: Spastic, Ataxic, Athetoid, Hypotonic, and mixed type. Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy can vary greatly and no two people with this condition are the same. They may include issues with balance and coordination, stiff muscles, involuntary movements or tremors, slow movements, learning difficulties, difficulty swallowing and/or walking, difficulty with fine motor skills such as buttoning clothes or picking up utensils, and it can even lead to blindness, epilepsy, or seizures.

The type of movement issues an individual with Cerebral Palsy may experience can depend on how severely their Brain Injury has affected their muscle tone, control, and coordination.

Are you or a loved one eligible for NDIS funding?

Types of Cerebral Palsy Support Services

Cerebral Palsy support services can begin early and continue through your or your loved one’s life, meeting needs in a variety of ways. At Maple, our Cerebral Palsy Specialists can help you arrange services to help you every step of the way.

Personal Care

Maple Support Specialists assist people with depression by helping them live as independently as possible. Whether you or your loved one is in a group home or living in a private residence, we show up when we’re needed to help with morning routines, personal hygiene, other daily tasks including eating and drinking, and assistance during appointments.

Household Tasks

At Maple, we understand the value of healthy eating and keeping a clean home. Patients living with depression may experience difficulties completing household tasks. As a part of our NDIS services, we provide help with household tasks like cleaning, meal preparation, banking, shopping, and so much more.

Travel and Transport

Maple Community Services is here to support you or your loved one by assisting with transport to and from wherever you need to go. We provide transportation to appointments, outings, shopping, religious places of worship, and for students, to and from school.

Garden Maintenance

If you or your loved one cannot manage gardening tasks, the NDIS provides funding for this support service. At Maple, we’ll do the gardening for you, allowing you or your loved one to maintain a healthy garden and keep your lawn tidy.

Community Participation

Maple Community Services can assist you or your loved one in accessing and participating in the community. Connecting to other people and the greater community may complement therapeutic efforts for people living with Cerebral Palsy. We guide, support, mentor, and motivate you or your loved one to succeed and reach set goals for social interaction and recreation.

Development - life skills

Developing Life Skills is about building your confidence and enabling independent living. We do this by developing a plan which gives you the training needed to achieve your life goals. The support we provide includes education on personal hygiene, maintaining a clean environment at home, organisational skills, and social interactions to name a few.

What Does Our Cerebral Palsy Support Involve?

We have four major categories of Cerebral Palsy Support Services. Each type of Cerebral Palsy care contributes to your overall well-being and expands personal options to live a life that is most fulfilling.

Core Supports

These supports enable you to complete activities of daily living, work towards your individual goals, and meet your set objectives.

Support Coordination

We help to identify, coordinate, and access support services for Bipolar Disorder and disability service providers on your or your loved one’s behalf.

Plan Management

Maple Community Services manages the funding component of your NDIS Plan. We are the connection between you or your loved one, providers, and the NDIA.


When it’s needed, Maple provides accommodation assistance and/or supervision of daily tasks to help you live as independently as possible.

Why Choose Maple For Cerebral Palsy Support?

Maple has everything you or your loved one needs in Cerebral Palsy support! What makes us different? Perhaps the most important thing is our vast experience helping people with Cerebral Palsy. Or maybe for you or your loved one, the most critical elements are our training and expertise in Cerebral Palsy Support.

Our priority is matching you with a like-minded Support Worker, someone who speaks your language, understands your goals, and is committed to ensuring you have all the necessary support you need to live your life to the fullest.

People choose Maple because we care. We are a group of professionals from all walks of life who want to make a difference in yours. Get an idea of the work we do by watching this video of Mojtaba and Danyal.

The Maple Family will work with you to create a personalised approach to your support schedule and roll out. We will continually review and recommend support updates, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the support you receive are optimal for you to achieve your personal, social, and emotional wellbeing goals.

We are renowned for our extremely fast turnaround and approval times for Referrals. Please reach out to us for help with your SIL, Core Support, Plan Management, and Support Coordination Referral.

Is Cerebral Palsy Covered by the NDIS?

Yes! If you or your loved one suffers from Cerebral Palsy, it is covered under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and you may be eligible for funding to benefit from our support services.

Cerebral Palsy is in the List A category of NDIS eligibility. However, your loved one’s diagnosis must have been classed as severe to meet the requirements for List A (for example: assessed as Level 3, 4, or 5 on the Gross Motor Function Classification System – GMFCS). If this is the case, then you’re very likely to be approved for funding. If you don’t have a diagnosis of severe Cerebral Palsy, you may fall under List B which means further functional assessment may be necessary prior to being approved for NDIS funding.

At Maple, we can assist you in gaining access to the assessment process to see if you or your loved one qualifies for NDIS Cerebral Palsy benefits. If you or your loved one meets the criteria, we have the capacity to provide comprehensive services to enhance your quality of life.

What Can NDIS Fund For Cerebral Palsy?

The NDIS funds several critical services for people with Cerebral Palsy. These include speech and occupational therapy, physiotherapy, personal care support, nutritional support, and behavioural support. NDIS funding can even pay for a Support Worker to assist you or your loved one at home. Plan Management and Support Coordination Funding are almost always offered to NDIS Participants when they receive their plan. The types and amounts of funding available are determined partly by the level of severity.

For children younger than seven years of age, NDIS funding provides early interventions, takes a family-centred approach, and helps families connect with Cerebral Palsy services providers. At Maple, we can assist you or your loved one with the NDIS application to receive your or your loved one’s needed funding.

How much funding can you get from NDIS?

Skills & Qualifications of our Cerebral Palsy Support Workers

Our Support Workers for Cerebral Palsy have studied and trained diligently to understand and respond to the needs of people with Cerebral Palsy. You can feel confident and at ease with our Cerebral Palsy Support Workers’ exceptional skills and qualifications. We pride ourselves on our years of experience providing Cerebral Palsy support.

You’ll partner with a highly qualified Cerebral Palsy Specialist in Sydney or wherever you are in Australia to improve your or your loved one’s life and enhance your overall well being.

Our specialists have targeted expertise to assist people with disability. Our Support Workers for Cerebral Palsy have training and experience in all aspects of Cerebral Palsy support, from special programmes for young children to assisting with the delivery of occupational programs for adults with Cerebral Palsy. We have specialised techniques and methodologies to specifically work with children and improve their functioning.

Will NDIS Pay For Cerebral Palsy Assessment?

NDIS provides access to independent assessments for children and adults to determine their level of functioning. Rather than focusing on the specific diagnosis, these assessments are designed to determine the functional deficits of your or your loved one’s disability and level of impairment requiring support in everyday life. A Cerebral Palsy Support Worker can help navigate this with you. Contact to one of our Cerebral Palsy support team for more details.

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The Maple Commitment

Here at Maple, we are committed to achieving your goals! Providing Support is the backbone of our purpose, we listen and act in realtime, and we empower our community through equal opportunities. It is our focus on building relationships with each and every one of our individuals, that sets us apart from the rest.

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