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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Jessie: A Mother with Fragile X Disability

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Jessie: A Mother with Fragile X Disability

Parenting is not easy, especially for mothers with disabilities who have to overcome physical barriers, social prejudice, and limited resources. But many of these mothers show remarkable courage and determination in raising their children, with the support of their families, friends, and communities. They deserve our respect and admiration, as well as our efforts to make the world more accessible and inclusive for them and their children.

One such mother is Jessie, who has Fragile X syndrome, a genetic condition that affects her and her two children, Sam and Donna. Jessie has faced many difficulties in her life, but she has never given up on her dream of being a loving mother. She cherishes every moment she spends with her children and her grandson, Zane.

Jessie told us how she got help from a hospital worker who visited her once a week, and how she worked at Glass Containers until Sam was four. She also shared how she balanced the different needs of her children, who went to different schools. She said she learned a lot from the Fragile X community, which sent her books and information about their condition.

Jessie did not let the negative attitudes of others affect her self-esteem or her parenting. She said she was happy and grateful for the support she received from the hospital and the community. She also praised Maple, her support provider for the past three years, who helped her maintain a healthy relationship with her children. Maple’s support workers took her children out separately, so they could have some space and learn to communicate better. Jessie also said she developed many skills during her parenting journey, such as cooking and cleaning. Despite the challenges of being a mother with a disability, Jessie said that anyone could do it as long as they found the right help and believed in themselves.

Jessie hopes to continue getting the support she needs to access the community and do things together with her family. She credits her support system through the NDIS, OTs, COS, and support workers for keeping her positive and helping her believe in herself throughout the years.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, Jessie is an inspiration to all mothers with disabilities. She shows us that parenting is not about perfection, but about love, resilience, and growth. However, with Maple’s support, Jessie has come a long way alongside her children. She has been getting support for more than three years and have formed an impeccable bond with Maple. To any mother looking to source services and assistance, Jessie advises them to look into it carefully and recommends Maple to get support as there are many resources available now that were not present when she had her children.