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AFL Partnership

Maple is proud to partner with Australian Football League (AFL).

At Maple, our actions speak as loudly as our words. Our commitment to enhancing inclusivity across our nation has opened us up to an incredible opportunity to partner with the Australian Football League (AFL). This partnership focuses on encouraging diversity and accessibility within the sport, underlying our mutual commitment to equal opportunities for people of all abilities to engage with the sport they love.

In our community, we very often see the advantages physical activity and sport play in overcoming the challenges that people with disabilities face. Not only the advantages to physical and mental health but also the opportunity to learn new skills, push themselves beyond what they thought capable, celebrate and encourage their teammates, and relay these attributes back into daily life.

Whether you’re a passionate fan, a dedicated player or an intrigued onlooker, this moment marks a pivotal opportunity for us all to break down barriers and improve the lives of people living with disabilities, as well as our society as a whole. Together we can create meaningful avenues to a more inclusive future for the sporting industry and the disability community.

Why have we partnered with the Australian Football League (AFL)?

At Maple, we recognise the profound impact that sports, teamwork and physical activity can make in the lives of our participants. The integration of sports such as football provide an avenue to address the unique challenges faced by people living with disabilities.

Physical Health

Many people living with disabilities face the challenge of staying physically healthy due to mobility limitations, accessibility or safety. By providing safe avenues to participate in sports we can help to improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility. It can also help to improve functional abilities and motor skills that can correlate back to daily living tasks.

Mental Health

People living with disabilities are generally more susceptible to compromised mental health due to their circumstances. Participating in sports has time and again shown to improve mental health and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can offer a sense of accomplishment, boost self esteem, and can significantly enhance mood through the release of endorphins.

Social Skills

As social creatures, we all benefit from a sense of belonging. Our AFL partnership aims to provide a platform for social integration, helping to combat isolation that individuals with disabilities might experience. It can help to foster friendships, build networks, and encourage teamwork and communication skills, while learning to play as part of a team can improve social abilities.

Empowerment & Independence

We want to encourage our participants to focus on their abilities rather than their limitations. Taking part in a team sport such as football can be a powerful tool to realising your potential. This can then translate into greater independence and confidence in other aspects of life.

Breaking Down Barriers

Our AFL partnership aims to hold inclusive sports activities that will help us to challenge stereotypes and promote a more positive perception of people of all abilities in our society. This endeavour will highlight the capabilities and achievements of athletes with disabilities, contributing to greater societal inclusion and equality.

Improve Quality of Life

Setting and achieving goals within sports can have a profound effect on our confidence and resilience. For our clients, these achievements, no matter the scale, signify personal triumphs over challenges and can encourage a growth mindset that can be applied in all aspects of their lives.

Opportunities for Achievements

Maple will collaborate closely with the AFL to create tailored programs and competitions that cater to the unique needs of people living with disabilities so that they can fully immerse themselves in the sport at every level. The competitions included in our AFL Partnership will offer participants the opportunity to achieve milestones, gain recognition, and inspire others to do the same.

Advocacy and Awareness

Through our collaboration with the AFL, we have the opportunity to raise awareness about diverse disabilities and the need for accessibility and rights for everyone. We can demonstrate that individuals of all abilities can actively engage and share a collective enthusiasm for a common purpose. These initiatives can even drive policy changes and improve support structures for our disability community nationwide.

Marvel Competition

Go in a draw for a chance to win

Discover how you can join in on activities such as blind AFL and wheelchair AFL at the Marvel Stadium. Not only that, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the Maple team and enter into our exclusive competition for a chance to win a VIP experience at the AFL Grand Final.

We’re giving away 4 tickets to the next game—imagine you and a friend enjoying the ultimate AFL thrill as VIP guests! Come find the Maple team at the Marvel Stadium to find out more.

The Future of Australian Football

We believe that our position as NDIS service providers and champions for the disability community, coupled with our partnership with the AFL, will elevate our nation’s commitment to disability awareness and inclusivity to new unprecedented heights. And with this new found connection, we can offer life changing opportunities for everyone involved.

If you’re a Support Coordinator with clients passionate about the AFL or those aspiring to engage more actively in sports, we invite you to get in touch. Let’s explore together how we can assist you and your clients on this journey towards greater participation and fulfilment.

Our gaming season will start this April at the Marvel Stadium. We will keep you in the loop of all activities taking place over the coming weeks, so watch this space.For further information about Maple Community Services and their pioneering initiatives, feel free to reach out to a Maple Advocate.

Maple's other initiatives

Maple's Inclusive Training Program at Marvel Stadium

Maple’s Partnership with Marvel Stadium aims to create the most inclusive venue in Australia. By providing training and education for the stadium staff and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to support people with disabilities we can provide greater opportunities and further promote accessibility and inclusivity for our whole community.

Clubs Initiative

By supporting AFL clubs across Australia, Maple aims to enhance awareness and accessibility to NDIS services for anyone living with a disability. Maple can provide valuable resources and information packages, as well as training and activation programs that will promote inclusivity and benefit not just participants, but also volunteers and the wider community.

Wheelchair Initiative

As part of our partnership with the Australian Football League (AFL) Maple will be supplying 25 wheelchairs annually to those interested in joining various AFL programs. Our aim with this program is to break down barriers and provide more opportunities for people to pursue their passion for sports, regardless of their mobility.

AFL Game Day Buddy

Our Game Day Program offers our participants a heightened experience on match days. By pairing attendees with a designated Maple support worker or buddy we can provide personalised support and companionship throughout the game making the experience more accessible and enjoyable for all.

Able with Maple

Our Able with Maple initiative helps us to enhance inclusivity and strengthen community connections. By forming significant partnerships, nurturing digital communities, providing educational opportunities, and organising inspiring events, we aim to develop a society that is both more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

The Maple Commitment

Here at Maple, we are committed to achieving your goals! Providing Support is the backbone of our purpose, we listen and act in realtime, and we empower our community through equal opportunities. It is our focus on building relationships with each and every one of our individuals, that sets us apart from the rest.

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