Going above and beyond with Maple - a Sydney client's adventure to Canberra. - Maple Services
Going above and beyond with Maple –  a Sydney client’s adventure to Canberra.

Going above and beyond with Maple – a Sydney client’s adventure to Canberra.

There are different occasions in the year that call for a celebration, and what better time than one’s birthday! Daniel celebrated his birthday with Maple not too long ago, and it was sure to be one to remember.

Daniel began his journey with Maple in May 2022 with community participation supports (which he thoroughly enjoys!) and is also residing in a SIL home with another service provider.

Although Daniel has only been with Maple for just over 3 months, he has already experienced so much with the company of his Maple Support Workers:

  • Be inspired by his visit to the Cronulla Sharks Stadium in July.

  • Enjoy the Mary Poppins Show in Sydney in June.

  • Experience a day of solemnity by visiting his mother’s grave on Mother’s Day in May.
    Daniel’s wonderful support worker helped him pick flowers and spent the day together.

Daniel at the War Memorial.

In July, Daniel had the opportunity to travel to Canberra to celebrate his birthday weekend. His Maple Team Leader, Abby, assisted him from beginning to end, from filling his itinerary with popular places to see and eat, to finding the right support worker to embark on this momentous journey with.

“I really enjoyed my time in Canberra, I had a great time!” -Daniel.

Daniel and his trusty Support Worker, Melissa set out during midday, which was perfect for soaking in the great farmlands and landscapes, “I got to see a lot and Melissa pointed out things of interest to me.” says Daniel. After the drive from Sydney to Canberra, the duo arrived at their hotel to set up camp which Daniel described as “beautiful”.

Daniel in front of a spaceship backdrop in Questacon.

It was very clear that Daniel and Melissa’s bond was strengthened from this adventure. Daniel said “Melissa was great, helpful, and funny. We had great conversations which I really appreciate. I thought it would be stressful, but I was able to have a stress-free trip because of Melissa. In the morning, she would remind me about what the plans were and made each place (especially the food places), a fun time.”.

Daniel was able to visit some of most iconic sights that Canberra has to offer, including Questacon, The Parliament House, and the War Memorial. For those that have been to the Parliament House, would know that it’s an overload of information however, this site was a noteworthy experience for Daniel, as he enjoyed the tour with Melissa.

Daniel patting a dinosaur skull.

Daniel, in his short time with Maple, has really come to like his 1:1 community participation outings. With this, he has made it his goal to participate more in the community with the help of his Maple support workers, and we are more than happy to do so!

“I want to achieve my goal of participating in the community and visiting different places with Maple staff.” -Daniel.