Setting way markers towards big goals, with Maple's long-standing client. - Maple Services
Setting way markers towards big goals, with Maple’s long-standing client.

Setting way markers towards big goals, with Maple’s long-standing client.

Here at Maple, we understand that achieving your goals is difficult without the right support. Whether that be goals of doing something we never used to, or finally participating in an activity that we’ve always wanted to.

Graham is a long-standing client of Maple who has been able to set incredible way markers whilst on his journey of achieving his NDIS goals.

He currently resides at home with his mother and brother, and has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, a mental illness that causes someone to have an altered experience of reality. Graham has been with the NDIS since 2018 and had decided to journey with Maple Community Services shortly after that, receiving community participation supports. Through the NDIS, he also visits a Psychologist and Podiatrist.

In his day to day, Graham enjoys grabbing a refreshing Boost Juice (Mango Magic, anyone?) or a warm toasty coffee at his local Westfield, or even going for an adventurous drive and spending quality time with his brother. He is described as having “quite a character that loves having a good chat” by his Maple Team Leader, Walaa.

His main Maple Support Worker, Omar, has regularly supported Graham throughout his time with Maple that they have built a strong rapport with one another. With one of Graham’s goals being to cook a healthy 3-course meal, Omar was able to encourage and assist him with cooking his own lunch and has been doing so consistently! After knocking down this meal, he’s learnt to really enjoy cooking his own lunches, especially with the support of Omar.

“I enjoy spending time with Graham, being there to support him makes me feel good about how I spend my time.” -Omar, Maple Support Worker.

Graham sitting by the waters with his fishing gear.

Whilst others often envision crowded areas or social settings to access the community, Graham has always imagined going fishing but never had someone to go with, that was until Omar packed the car, buckled his seatbelt and took him out on a fishing trip.

“I loved fishing and hanging out with Omar. It’s so relaxing being by the water, I enjoy the peace and quiet.” -Graham, Maple Client.

With the accompaniment of Omar, Graham has been able to enjoy the adventures of a long drive and the bliss he finds with fishing. After having experienced fishing, Omar has a major goal of fishing at Shellharbour (which is currently in the works!).

With both of Graham’s goals making their progress over time, we know that his larger goals of cooking a delicious and healthy 3-course meal and conquering the waters of Shellharbour are just around the corner!