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The dying art of Face-to-Face Interactions.

The dying art of Face-to-Face Interactions.

Covid-19 has left its lasting impact on the globe, with many elements of our ‘usual lives’ overhauled and overturned during the past 2-and-a-half-year period.

The notable difference, that will foreseeably be around for years to come, is the reduction in personable interactions we are now experiencing and living through.

Whether it is conducting a meeting over Zoom, wearing a face mask on shift, or office staff working from home, our interpersonal interactions have reduced dramatically.

In a research piece from The Lancet, surrounding the differing affects Covid-19 has had on people with disabilities, the added difficulty of having social care put on hold, cancelled, or reduced, people with disabilities are then forced back on the support of families if they have them. “When individuals are expected to use face masks and physically distance, people with hearing loss who cannot lip read or people with visual impairment who use guide dogs can find it difficult to follow these rules and as a result they might be stigmatised.”

Here at Maple, we understand that personal interactions are a critical part of the work we do and the industry we are in. Not only in the provision of supports, but also in the administrative side we deliver.

That is why our staff, where safe to do so, continue to provide face to face meetings, appointments, and meet and greets, with our staff, stakeholders and business contacts.

Customer Service the way we all know and trust.

Book in a face to face meeting, appointment, or meet and greet with one of our staff.