Support Worker Racheal’s Journey from Sudan - Maple Services
Support Worker Racheal’s Journey from Sudan

Support Worker Racheal’s Journey from Sudan

Racheal Biar is a Support Worker at Maple Services who has a remarkable story of determination and hard work. She was born in South Sudan, a country that was under war with Arab people for many years until it gained its independence in 2011.  Racheal’s husband was one of the many South Sudanese who fled the country and settled in Australia as refugees. He later went back to South Sudan to marry Racheal and brought her to Australia.

Racheal’s cultural and religious background is Dinka, which is one of the largest ethnic groups in the Republic of Sudan. They belong to a group of cultures known as the Nilotic peoples, all of whom live along the Nile River. Racheal is also a Christian, which is the dominant religion in South Sudan. Racheal speaks her mother tongue, Dinka, which she enjoys speaking with her children and other family members. She also speaks English fluently.

Racheal has a Cert III in individual support, which she obtained after completing a training course. She has been able to apply the knowledge and skills that she learned during her training to her role as a Support Worker at Maple Services. She has also been learning from other workers and clients every day. She says that working in the industry has helped her improve her communication and interpersonal skills. Racheal enjoys her culture the most when there are community gatherings, such as weddings, where people dance and sing in her dialect. She says that dancing and singing are part of her culture and that they make her happy.

She works with Australian clients who are between 10 and 25 years old. One of her clients, she adores and loves working him. He has a disability that affects his mobility and communication. Racheal enjoys working with him every day because he is very flexible and easy to support.  

Since joining Maple Services, Racheal has not encountered any cultural barriers. She asserts that she and he both respect her client’s culture and preferences. When her client is on the swing, she especially enjoys playing with him. When she was looking for a job, she joined Maple Services and found a position as a Support Worker. She claims that she applied for the position because she wanted to assist individuals who require care and support. She finds Maple management and staff easy to work with, especially in light of the fact that the local area that works for it is exceptionally strong and understanding. She claims that Maple Services gives her all the resources and training she needs to do her job well and that she feels valued and appreciated by them.

Racheal enjoys working in the industry because of the open lines of communication and mutual support among staff, teams, and workers. She says that working with people who have the same vision and desire to help others is enjoyable for her. She claims that her position as a Support Worker at Maple Services has provided her with fulfillment and a sense of purpose.

Racheal is a supportive worker who puts in a lot of effort and is dedicated to her job. She enjoys both her clients and her work. She exemplifies the positive impact that a CALD background support worker can have on the lives of others. She has persevered despite obstacles and continues to have a positive impact in her role. Her experience demonstrates the significance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the positive effects it can have on clients and employees alike.