“For me, support work is more than just a job” – an interview with Maple’s Worker of the Month of May 2022, Sania. - Maple Services
“For me, support work is more than just a job” – an interview with Maple’s Worker of the Month of May 2022, Sania.

“For me, support work is more than just a job” – an interview with Maple’s Worker of the Month of May 2022, Sania.

Every month, Maple Community Services spotlights a support worker in recognition of their hard work and dedication. This is no easy task considering that all of Maple’s support workers give their all during their time with a client.

If you follow us on our socials, you would have seen that we share our Worker of the Month and a little around what they bring to Maple. But have you ever wondered what these support workers do when they aren’t working? Or what their experience is like working with a client?

Amidst her busy schedule on the field, May 2022 Worker of the Month Sania, took the time to share a little about herself and her experience with Maple thus far.

Photo of Sania at the park.

When she’s not out and about with her clients, Sania enjoys listening to music, reading novels, working out, and playing basketball and badminton. If you need any recommendations on movies or documentaries – Sania is the go-to! Not only that, but if you need vegetarian-friendly recipes, Sania happens to be the only member of her family who is strictly vegetarian!

Sania broke into the Mental Health industry in early 2021, when she decided to join the Maple family as a Mental Health Support Worker, and has not looked back since. She has always been drawn to Maple’s warm and welcoming nature and the genuine pursuit of employee and client wellbeing.

Sania with her clients.

Apart from her personal goal of getting into the rhythm of healthy eating habits and staying fit, Sania has incredible goals for her career which Maple is excited to play a role in and support her on her endeavours.

  • Excel in her role as a mental health support worker.
  • Learn more invaluable skills to better support her clients daily.
  • Improve and push herself to move up the ladder in her services for her clients.
  • Upskilling her physical and emotional support expertise.

“I want to see myself doing more for people with disabilities in the near future and I’d like to grow in my role as I really enjoy it!” – Sania.

One of Sania’s keys to success, when she is out in the field, is to tick off these three things as a bare minimum. Sania stands by these as the foundation for a successful support shift and prosperous client relationship.

  • Put a smile on their face
  • Make sure you leave them feeling good and happy
  • Help motivate them to achieve their goals

For Sania, support work is more than just a job.

“I enjoy it to the fullest and have so much fun being with my clients. I love that I’m able to help people with disabilities gain independence in their lives and feel part of the community.”

“I feel grateful that in this role, I’m also able to advocate for a better life with equal opportunities for people with disabilities. It is a truly rewarding and meaningful career, where I am able to help people from all walks of life, whilst positively changing their lives on a daily basis.”

(Left) Sania at Maple Head Office. (Right) Sania's virtual surprise.

For Sania, the most rewarding day in the field, was when she was made ‘Worker of the Month’. “It felt wonderful that my hard work had been noticed! The cherry on top was that I was at home in quarantine as I had covid, and my co-workers surprised me online!”

As for what change Sania would like to see in the Disability Industry, she is a strong advocate for better care outcomes and equal opportunities for people living with a disability. “People with disabilities are often seen as less, inadequate, and unequal to others. This gap needs to be fulfilled and that can only be done when the Disability Industry promotes disabled people to work and live by boosting their self-esteem and confidence. They need us to believe in them, and if we do, they’ll do wonders!”

“Disability does not equal inability’ should be our motto in this sector!” -Sania.

A staple within the Maple Family, Sania had the privilege and rare opportunity of providing supports for a Melbourne-based client who travelled to Sydney for his first-ever holiday. (Read about this client’s experience on our article).

It is the amazing work completed by the amazing people like Sania that make this industry so special to be a part of. Thank you Sania and a massive shout out to all of Maple’s support workers who deliver their all each and every day to support Maple’s clients!