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What is Support Coordination and How Can it Assist Me?

What is Support Coordination and How Can it Assist Me?

Put simply, an NDIS Support Coordinator is an individual that assists you or your loved one in unpacking the supports services you will need to put into place to help you achieved the goals listed on your NDIS Plan. Additional to this, they will also assist you finding the best organisations, people, and networks to deliver these required services. Think of them as your ‘right hand man’ to helping you navigate your NDIS Plan and subsequent supports.

Their ultimate goal = to help you get the most out of your NDIS Funding to help you achieve your goals.

There are three levels of NDIS Support Coordination. These levels vary based on the complexity of, and funding within an NDIS Plan. The three levels are:

  • Support Connection: works with NDIS Participant and helps them understand their NDIS Plan, whilst building the necessary skills that will, in time, enable them to manage their own plan.
  • Support Coordinator: aims to assist NDIS Participants in connecting them with a wide variety of supports that will help to increase their capacity.
  • Specialist Support Coordination: NDIS Specialist Support Coordination can provide a higher level of service than Support Connection and Support Coordination and is designed for NDIS participants whose individual needs and circumstances are more complex.

What Does a NDIS Support Coordinator Do?

An NDIS Support Coordinator aims to optimise NDIS Plans by ensuring that the supports required are delivered in line with the participants NDIS Goals.

A Support Coordinator can assist you to:

  • Manage resources effectively, gaining the best possible outcome from your plan.
  • Understand how you can use your NDIS plan to meet your goals.
  • Work with people in your circle of support (family, friends, service providers, therapists and community and mainstream support, such as doctors) to meet the goals of your unique NDIS plan.
  • Access the NDIS portal, to monitor and best allocate your funds.
  • Monitor the progress and outcomes of achieving your goals.
  • Prepare for your next NDIS review meeting.
Please note that no matter what kind of Financial Management option a recipient has chosen, they are still able to receive help from a Support Coordinator. That means, no matter whether your plan is NDIA managed, self-managed or plan managed, you can still benefit from the services of a Support Coordinator.

Support Coordination Funding

Support Coordination (or Coordination of Supports as it is written on the plan) appears on NDIS Plans as a separate section, where funds are allocated for this specific service from the NDIS. Hence this cost does not come out of your Support Line Items.

Support Coordination at Maple Community Services

If you’re looking for NDIS Support Coordination, look no further than Maple Community Services. We have the experience and knowledge required to provide you with the personalised support required to connect you with services that best suit your individual needs and circumstances.

If you have any questions about Support Coordination, or would purely like to chat to a Maple Community Services representative around the role we play in assisting you with your NDIS Needs, please get in touch with us today.