Rolling to Strike: Bowling Without Limits - Maple Services
Rolling to Strike: Bowling Without Limits

Rolling to Strike: Bowling Without Limits

International Wheelchair Day is celebrated annually on March 1st to raise awareness about the importance of accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs. This day acknowledges the challenges that wheelchair users face on a daily basis, and encourages society to create a more accessible and inclusive environment for them.

This year, Maple Community Services is celebrating its wheelchair community by organising a special Bowling event at Zone Bowling, Penrith, NSW. The event was a huge success, with clients, support workers, and management personnel all coming together to participate and have fun.

It was a great opportunity for Maple’s wheelchair clients to enjoy a day of fun and socialisation. The event was open to wheelchair clients of Maple, and they were encouraged to bring their support workers along with them. This way, the clients get to spend time with the people who support them in their daily lives and create new connections with other members of Maple management. At the event, support workers and staff were engaged with clients to ensure that they were comfortable and enjoying themselves. They provided assistance when needed and helped to facilitate connections between clients. This type of support and engagement is crucial for ensuring that clients feel valued and included, which is essential for their overall wellbeing.

This event was just the beginning of our journey of wonderful opportunities we have in store. Seeing participants develop their social skills and have fun while accessing new opportunities was truly rewarding. It's amazing how this event empowered them who are often overlooked to step out of their comfort zone and engage in activities they may have shied away from in isolation.

Photo: Lauren enjoying bowling.

Inclusiveness is an essential aspect of Maple Community Services, and it is not just limited to the wheelchair clients. Maple extended the Roll and Bowl Invitation out to a couple of our SIL Accommodation Homes, where clients of all mobility levels were encouraged to par-take and attend. This way, everyone gets to be a part of the celebration, and it promotes a sense of togetherness and community. The wheelchair clients were provided with special equipment and supports to make the event accessible, while others were encouraged to try using wheelchairs to experience what it’s like to navigate the world in a wheelchair.

Social outings like this event are vital for people with disabilities as they get acknowledged as an individual, provide a break from their usual routine and allow them to engage in new and exciting experiences. Socialisation is an essential aspect of mental and emotional well-being, and it is especially crucial for people with disabilities who may feel isolated and disconnected from society.

Photo: Lauren chasing for her scores on the screen while engaging with other partipants, support workers and Maple management.

However, accessibility limitations can often make it challenging for people in wheelchairs to participate in social outings. Maple recognises this challenge and works hard to overcome it. Maple’s commitment to accessibility, such as providing accessible transport through the Maple Van, is an excellent example of how disability service providers can overcome accessibility limitations and promote inclusiveness without having to worry about transportation barriers.

As a society, we need to continue to work towards creating a more accessible and inclusive environment for people with disabilities, so that they can live their lives to the fullest. Rolling to Strike was a great way to celebrate for Maple to celebrate our wheelchair community and promote inclusiveness on a broader scale. 

I love the vibe of the whole event. It was lovely meeting other SIL clients from other homes. The staff made me feel included and I loved Maple management's presence and how they assisted me with the transportation. I look forward to more events and activities in the future!