Psychosocial Disabilities Funding on the rise – Maple Mental Health Training. - Maple Services
Psychosocial Disabilities Funding on the rise – Maple Mental Health Training.

Psychosocial Disabilities Funding on the rise – Maple Mental Health Training.

Mental and Cognitive Disability awareness is on the rise, and we are seeing, as a result, an increase in NDIS Plans being distributed in these areas. As reported by the NDIS, 27,974 plans (9.1% of total plans) were distributed as of 30 June 2019 for primary psychosocial disabilities, vs 48,460 as of June 2021 (10.4%).

Having an industry label of being experts in Mental Health support, Maple ensures our staff, both management and support workers, are well equipped and trained to provide a great holistic service to our clients and uphold this niche position in the market.

As part of this commitment, our management staff recently undertook the official Mental Health First Aid Course, facilitated by Merakimh Training. This course provided our staff with the skills to assist individuals in the early stages of seeking professional help – the stage, which is identified as the hardest, and most detrimental to receiving assistance. 

The stigma surrounding mental health in the community continues to be at the forefront of people’s minds – although we as a society are getting better. With greater awareness, education, and understanding surrounding these conditions, we can continue to break down these barriers. As an organisation, we are proud to say we are, and will continue to advocate, support, and care for some of the community’s most complex mental health cases.

If you have a client suffering from mental health who needs specialist supports, or just want to talk to someone from our team around our approach to mental health – we are here to listen and chat.

It is only by working together as and industry, and supporting clients at every stage of their journey, that we will flourish.


A couple of voice grabs from our management team surrounding their participation he Mental Health First Aid Course.

“The course was very insightful; the trainer was very engaging which made learning the material easier and fun. The course covers a variety of important mental health issues which everyone should be made aware of. We were also provided with a book with content on various mental health issues with very useful information on how to work around problems that people with disabilities face.”

“The course, although quite confronting at times, provided a lot of insight and knowledge into mental health first aid. Following the completion of the course I feel more confident in administering and providing support to participants and individuals who are suffering from mental health issues. The structure of the course allowed for a greater understanding than that of an online module or session.”