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Kindred Spirits.

Kindred Spirits.

Written by a loved Maple client.

Everyone no matter who you are in my opinion has a gift to share with the world. My gift is the written word and I intend to share and improve my ability by completing a university degree. I can share what I have learnt throughout my life have a positive influence on the people that read my works.

Try to discover and explore your gift. Look at the similarities amongst people who share your everyday life instead of the differences. Draw on that through being positive. Lend out your heart through kindness and be grateful for what you have. Everyday write down three things you are grateful for.

Affirmations are something positive you want in your life. I want to become an important part of the community by sharing the written word. Say or write an affirmation everyday, who knows it just might come true.

We all can say it’s all too hard, try to shift your focus to the positive. Live each day as it comes. Practice mindfulness, living in the moment. You are your own destiny make sure it’s worthwhile.

Allow people that mean the most surround you with love. Accept all people for who they are without judgement. Everyone has differences but focus on how we all can be as one as kindred spirits.