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How Maple Hosted Fun & Biggest Morning Tea for a Good Cause

How Maple Hosted Fun & Biggest Morning Tea for a Good Cause

We hosted a fun and delicious morning tea at our head office to support Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea campaign. We had a great time enjoying some homemade treats, playing games, and raising funds for a worthy cause.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an annual event that encourages people to host a morning tea with their friends, family, co-workers or community and raise funds for cancer research, prevention and support services. The official date is Thursday, 25th May 2023, but you can host a morning tea anytime that suits you throughout May or June.

We decided to host our morning tea on Thursday, 25th May 2023, as it was a convenient day for most of our staff. We registered online and received a free host kit that contained everything we needed to host a successful morning tea, such as posters, decorations, recipes, games, a donation box and more.

We invited everyone to join us for the morning tea and asked them to bring a gold coin donation and a plate of food to share. We put entry ticket for all the employees as a token of donation for this wonderful cause.

On the day of the event, we decorated our office with decoration pieces, banners and bunting from the host kit. We also printed out some games and raffles from the host resources website to add some fun and excitement to the morning tea. We set up a table with a variety of delicious food, such as muffins, scones, homemade sandwiches, salads and different types of brekky items. We also had tea, coffee and juice for everyone to enjoy.

We had a wonderful time chatting, eating and laughing with our colleagues. We also learned more about the impact of cancer and how Cancer Council is working to create a cancer free future. We played some games and raffles and gave out prizes to the winners. We also took some photos and shared them on social media with the hashtag #biggestmorningtea.

At the end of the morning tea, we counted the donations and were thrilled to find out that we raised over $300 for Cancer Council! We were so proud of our team and grateful for everyone who participated and contributed to this amazing cause. We also thanked Cancer Council NSW for giving us an opportunity to host this event.

Maple Services provides disability services and understands how cancer affects people and their families in many ways. Cancer can cause physical, emotional and financial problems, and sometimes lead to a disability. Research, support services, and awareness programs are vital to help people who are impacted by cancer. Maple believes in making a difference in people’s life and we had fun while making a difference in the lives of people affected by cancer.  Hosting a Biggest Morning Tea was a rewarding and enjoyable experience for us.

Find out more information on Biggest Morning Tea by Cancer Council.