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Disability and Eid: Emma’s Journey to Belonging

Disability and Eid: Emma’s Journey to Belonging

Eid is a time of joy, celebration, and reflection for Muslims all around the world. It is a time when families and friends come together to break their fasts and offer prayers. For Emma, who’s our client at Maple is a Australian Muslim woman and Eid is an important festive event in her life. Yet, as someone who lives with a mental and intellectual disability, Emma’s experience of Eid can be very different from that of others.

Eid is a time to celebrate the end of Ramadan, to thank Allah for his blessings, and to share joy and generosity with others. She loves the feeling of community and solidarity that Eid brings, and Emma always look forward to praying with her fellow Muslims and exchanging greetings and gifts. Emma cherishes the moments like meeting friends, going for festive dinners, and attending Eid festivals. Emma’s disability has not impacted her ability to participate in Eid traditions. Although, she wishes there were more accommodations and support for people with disabilities during Eid, such as greater awareness and respect for their needs and preferences.

Since Emma started receiving support from Maple, she has noticed some positive changes in how she embraces her culture. Maple has helped her by finding ways to cope with her disability and to participate more actively in Eid traditions with support of her caregivers. Emma admires her support workers who assist her in going out and attending mosque so that she can practise her rituals. This has made a significant difference in Emma’s life, allowing her to enjoy the celebrations to the fullest.

Another thing she loves about Eid is the food. There are so many delicious dishes which can be prepared to enjoy Eid, such as dates, meaty dishes, and numerous desserts like baklava and kanfeh. Her favourite one turned out be camel burger which she feels like as if it melts in her mouth which a delicious bite.

For Emma, a CALD individual with disabilities, Eid celebrations have been made more accessible with the support of Maple. Emma’s love for Eid and her determination to celebrate it with her friends and family is a testament to the resilience of people with disabilities. With the right support, individuals with disabilities can enjoy Eid celebrations and all that they have to offer.

Eid holds a significant place in the hearts of Muslims worldwide, and for Emma, a CALD individual with disabilities, it is no exception. Emma’s unwavering love for Eid and her desire to celebrate it with her loved ones is a testament to the importance of inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities. With the right support and accommodations, individuals with disabilities can fully enjoy Eid and all the traditions that make it special.