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Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with Maple

Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with Maple

Join the Down Syndrome community on March 21st to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!

Do you know why we celebrate it on this date? Well, almost every single baby is born with 23 chromosomes from the egg and 23 chromosomes from the sperm. Down Syndrome occurs when an extra Chromosome #21 is present from the egg. Down syndrome is also called Trisomy 21 and that is why we celebrate on the 21st day of the third month. Here you can watch a fun explanation from this group on the World Down Syndrome Day website.

Down syndrome has always been a part of the human condition. It exists in all regions across the globe and commonly results in variable effects on learning styles, physical attributes, and health. Every year, we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st in order to spread awareness and celebrate our uniqueness.

Celebrating our differences and our commonalities brings us together in unique ways and is an important and fun part of life. People with Down syndrome have a special knack for brightening up whatever room they may be in and deserve to be celebrated, recognised, and advocated for.

How will you be celebrating World Down Syndrome Day?

How to Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day was first recognised by the United Nations in 2012 in order to raise public awareness around Down syndrome. There are many ways in which you can get involved and celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. Here’s some ideas to get your juices flowing:

Share your story – Your voice matters!

Everybody loves a story and what better story to share than your own? If you or a loved one live with Down syndrome, you may be surprised at how many across the globe would love a sneak peak into your journey.

Sharing your story can help raise awareness about the condition, break down stereotypes and biases, connect with others, and make new friends. Read others stories or submit your own to the World Down Syndrome Day website.

Get informed and share what you learn

Learning something new is always fun and rewarding, and it’s how we grow as individuals and as a society. It’s important to do your research; you never know what you may find out and you might even be surprised. Maple Community Services have collated a lot of information about managing Down syndrome, supporting someone with Down syndrome, and Down syndrome and the NDIS.

Don’t forget to spread awareness with your friends, family, and colleagues about the new facts you learn. Here’s some frequently asked questions and answers collated by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

Advocate for change

Join and share campaigns for inclusion. You can advocate at your school, your workplace, on social media, or in your community. Down Syndrome International has a ton of resources to encourage advocacy across many channels. You can also create new ideas to help advocate and spread awareness and have fun with it.

Give a little or fundraise

If you have the means to make a small or a large donation to a Down syndrome organisation of your choice or arrange an activity to raise some funds, you can help to advance research around the condition and increase resources for people with Down syndrome. Every little bit helps!

Events for World Down Syndrome Day

Another way to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day is to join or host an event, whether online or in your hometown. Invite all your friends and family to celebrate and advocate with you.

UN #InclusionMeans

Join the United Nations Down syndrome International virtually with their #InclusionMeans Conference on Monday 21st March via zoom. The conference is held to call on governments, UN officials, and NGO representatives to join together, explain what inclusion means, and improve the lives of people with Down syndrome.

The #LotsOfSocks Campaign

Get involved with the #LotsOfSocks campaign to raise awareness of Down syndrome. It aims to get people talking about Down syndrome. All you need is a pair of socks that will get you noticed. They could be mismatched socks or your craziest most colourful socks; whatever you feel like!

Down Syndrome Australia

Down Syndrome Australia has a list of events open to people with Down syndrome, family, carers, friends, new parents, and education and health professionals year round. You can narrow down your search for your region and type of event.

Celebrate T21 Picnic Parade

Although it is currently postponed due to weather, this Picnic Parade in New South Wales for World Down Syndrome Day looks to be a great way to celebrate diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and T21 with a picnic lunch and a sock parade. They plan to reschedule the event, hopefully some time in May.

World Down Syndrome Day Picnic in the Park, Adelaide

If you’re in the Adelaide area, you can celebrate with the Picnic in the Park on Sunday, the 20th of March. Meet other families, enjoy face painting, giant games, and free ice cream!

However you choose to celebrate and advocate for World Down Syndrome Day on Monday, the 21st of March, make sure you are safe, have fun, and wear your colourful socks!