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Applying for a Disability Parking Permit

Applying for a Disability Parking Permit

If you live with a disability or care for someone who does, you may have experienced the challenges that driving and parking may pose, particularly when a person has restricted mobility or uses any equipment to get around. Trying to fit your vehicle into a standard parking space while maintaining enough clearance to get in and out with any equipment or assistive devices can be a real nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be.

People who live with a disability may be eligible for a disability parking permit, also known as a mobility parking scheme (MPS) or disability parking scheme (DPS), to use  any provided disabled-designated parking spaces wherever they travel. Applying for the permit is straightforward with detailed instructions provided on the relevant government website. 

If you would benefit from having a disability parking permit, the team at Maple Community Services can assist you in collecting the required information, submitting the necessary documents, and securing your permit. Maple has experience in providing support services to people living with disabilities and can help you get on the road as soon as possible, along with the expertise of NDIS plan management providers.

What Disabilities Qualify for Disabled Parking?

Each state establishes their own process for applying for and securing a disability parking permit. To be eligible for a disability parking permit in New South Wales, you need to have been diagnosed with a mobility disability which could be either temporary or permanent. This is defined as the inability to walk due to the loss of use of one or both legs, or from another permanent medical condition. Also, a person with another medical condition which would be negatively  affected by walking 100 metres is also eligible. Furthermore, anyone who uses any mobility assistive device is considered to be mobility handicapped. Lastly, you’re also eligible if you’re permanently blind.


How Do I Apply for a Disability Parking Permit?

Applying for a disability parking permit is relatively straightforward, but there are a number of pieces of information which they collect and supporting documents which need to be submitted. You’ll also need to pay for the permit unless you’re a pensioner or have other documentation that makes you eligible for a concession. The following steps are included in the process according to the Service NSW page:

[Mobility Parking Scheme Application (Individual and Temporary Permits) – PDF]

  1. Check the eligibility criteria.
  2. Gather all the required documents and have them ready for uploading. You cannot save

and resume your application once you have started.

  1. Select the ‘Apply online’ button.
  2. Log in, or create your MyServiceNSW Account.
  3. Select and verify your identity documents.
  4. When your identity is verified, select ‘Continue with application’.
  5. Select the ‘New’, ‘Renewal’ or ‘Replacement’ button.
  6. Select ‘Next’.
  7. Enter all the required information.
  8. Upload your documentation.
  9. Enter your concession card details (if applicable).
  10. Review your application.
  11. Review the Terms and Conditions.
  12. Check the declaration boxes and submit your application.

You’ll be sent a confirmation email and your application will be reviewed. Wait to hear back from them or contact you if they need you to process your payment or request that you visit a service centre to complete your application. 

If you’d like to complete the process in person, you can visit a service centre but you’ll need to bring all of your documents with you and they can show you how to get a disabled parking permit in NSW.

Do you Have to Pay for Parking with a Disability Permit?

There is a fee to secure a disability parking permit unless you qualify for a concession. If you already have a disability parking permit, it entitles you to use designated parking spaces or areas. Unless specifically noted on the signage designating the space or area, normal fees apply for parking in designated spaces if the area normally has paid parking. If there is only free parking available, then the disability designated spaces will also be free. Of note, pay spaces operated by a council are provided free of charge to holders of a disability parking permit. 

How do I Renew My Disabled Parking Permit in Australia?

renewing disabled parking permit is similar to the process for applying for a new one. It can be done online or in person by providing the required information and documentation, and paying any fees if necessary. In step #7 above, select ‘Renewal’ if you’d like to renew your permit. Otherwise, follow the instructions as you would for a new permit. 

What are the Types of Disability Parking Permits in NSW?

Mobility parking scheme

The mobility parking scheme in Australia is a government initiative aimed at improving accessibility for people with disabilities. If you are eligible, you may apply for an NSW disability parking permit, which is often referred to as a “disabled parking permit”, “disabled sticker NSW” or a “blue badge”.

Transport for NSW offers two different types of disability parking permits under the Mobility Parking Scheme for people with mobility disabilities:

Blue Card – This is an individual disability parking permit, which is: I issued for 5 years at a time for a person with a permanent disability

Red Card – This is a temporary disability parking permit which can be  issued for up to 6 months to a person with a temporary disability.

Where can I park with a Disability Parking Permit?

In Australia, disabled parking is regulated to ensure there is adequate accessible parking for people living with disabilities. Special parking signs and designated disability bays are marked with the International Symbol of Access. 

These parking spaces are typically located close to entrances, making it easier for you to access businesses and services. Time limits for disabled parking bays vary. But if you have a valid disability parking permit they generally allow you to park for an extended period. 

Can Disabled Persons Park Anywhere in NSW?

Parking concessions for a person with a disability are determined by the mobility parking scheme in NSW. If you have a disability parking permit, you are entitled to park in any space designated or marked with a symbol for people with disabilities. It also provides for concessions when:

  • A space is designated for more than 30 minutes parking, a person with a disability can park indefinitely
  • A space is designated for 30 minutes parking, a person with a disability can park for up to 2 hours
  • A space is designated for less than 30 minutes parking, a person with a disability can park for 30 minutes
  • At a ‘No Parking’ sign, a person with a disability can park for 5 minutes if the driver remains with the vehicle.