A Paradigm of Cultural Diversity at Maple HQ - Maple Services
A Paradigm of Cultural Diversity at Maple HQ

A Paradigm of Cultural Diversity at Maple HQ

At Maple Services, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive workplace environment for all employees regardless of their cultural background. We believe that cultural diversity enriches our workplace and helps us gain new perspectives, ideas, and knowledge. Our goal is to promote cross-cultural understanding and respect for all employees, making Maple Services a great place to work for people from different cultural backgrounds. By celebrating and embracing diversity, we aim to build a more inclusive society where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

To showcase this commitment, we recently interviewed Maria, a Reports Officer at our Blacktown Head Office in New South Wales. Maria shared her unique story of growing up in a Western country with a traditional Middle Eastern background.

Maria is a proud Palestinian-Australian and a practicing Muslim. Although she was born in Sydney and struggles to speak Arabic fluently, her family frequently speaks the language and maintains strong cultural connections to their Palestinian heritage. Palestinians have a rich cultural history, with a strong focus on Islamic beliefs, art, food, and embroidered clothing for women. Family is also an important aspect of Palestinian culture, with large gatherings and food festivals happening regularly.

Maria’s connection to her faith is strong and central to her identity. Daily prayer, charity, fasting, and celebrating important religious events like Eid are some of the rituals she cherishes. As a Hijabi woman, she finds pride in her cultural and religious heritage. Ramadan, in particular, is a special time for her family, as they come together to break the fast every day.

Maria’s educational background in Social Work allowed her to learn about different cultures and become culturally diverse, which is why she was attracted to Maple Services. She was impressed with the company’s inclusive and culturally diverse workforce, which made her feel welcomed and valued. The director of the company, who also wore a hijab, made Maria feel a strong sense of belonging and sparked her excitement to work at Maple.

Cultural diversity is an important aspect of any organisation, as it promotes peace and understanding, ignites creativity, and eliminates stereotypes and biases. When individuals are exposed to different cultures, they are empowered to develop new skills, broaden their perspectives, and create a more exciting world. By embracing and celebrating differences, everyone benefits and wins. Maria believes that everyone should have an understanding of different cultures and be accepting of them, as we can all learn so much from each other.

Join us in celebrating Cultural Diversity at Maple Services over the coming months, as we explore and share great stories, experiences and traditions of the people that make up Maple.