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When should you change your NDIS plan manager

When should you change your NDIS plan manager

Managing your NDIS journey is filled with choices that can greatly impact your experience and outcomes. One such pivotal decision is electing a competent and reliable plan manager. This role plays a significant part in overseeing the management of your plan, from handling budgets and payments to coordinating services and providing support.

You can change your NDIS plan manager at any time. You may choose to do this because of unsatisfactory service, personal preferences, relocation or something else. Once you have a new plan manager, your previous plan manager can arrange the cancellation and facilitate the transition of your plan management.

From changes in circumstances and evolving preferences to concerns about quality and costs, there may be various scenarios that prompt this important decision. At Maple, we want you to have all the information you need to make an informed choice and facilitate a smooth transition towards better plan management.

Can I change my NDIS plan manager?

Fundamentally, you are in control of your NDIS plan. You can change your plan manager at any time if you are unhappy with the current way your plan is managed. Every participant deserves to have their plan managed in a way that best suits them. You get to decide how your supports are delivered, by whom and how those supports are organised and paid.

Being completely satisfied with your plan management is crucial to achieving your goals. After all, you put a lot of trust in them to help you navigate your plan and get the most out of your funding. Your plan manager should be more than processing your payments, they should also be reliable, understanding, professional and transparent.

When should you change your NDIS plan manager?

There may be several signs or situations that may indicate it’s time to consider changing your NDIS plan manager. These signs could include issues such as lack of communication, financial discrepancies, unmet expectations, or a desire for a more personalised approach. Let’s explore some of the reasons you may consider changing your plan manager.

Unsatisfactory service

If you are unhappy with the quality of service provided by your current plan manager, such as delayed payments, lack of responsiveness, or errors in managing your funds, it may be time to seek a new plan manager.

Lack of expertise

Your needs and circumstances are likely to change as you grow with your plan, and you may need a plan manager with expertise in a specific area, such as complex disability needs, financial management, or service coordination. If your current plan manager lacks the skills or knowledge in these areas, it might be time for a change.

Limited flexibility

Some participants prefer greater flexibility and choice in how their funds are managed. If your current plan manager limits your options or doesn’t offer the level of control you need, you might want to explore other plan management options.


If you move to a different location, you may want to consider switching to a plan manager who is more accessible to you and familiar with the local area, resources and service providers.

Change in circumstances

Significant life changes, such as getting married, starting a family, or experiencing a change in your disability-related needs, may warrant a reassessment of your plan management to ensure it aligns with your current situation.

Financial concerns

If you have concerns about fees or costs associated with your current plan manager and believe you can access more cost-effective options, it may be worthwhile to explore other plan managers.

Personal preferences

Your relationship with your plan manager is important. If you feel uncomfortable or find it challenging to communicate effectively with your current plan manager, you may consider switching to someone with whom you have a better rapport.

Desire for self-management

If you initially had a plan manager to help you manage your plan but now feel confident enough to manage your plan independently, you can transition to self-management or explore other plan management options that align with your evolving preferences. Your current plan manager can help you with the transition and even start with a small portion of self-management and grow your independence over time.

How do I change my plan manager?

Before changing your NDIS plan manager, make sure you consider your specific circumstances and needs. Take your goals into account and evaluate whether your current plan manager can help you to reach them. You can seek out support coordinators to help you evaluate your plan management needs and facilitate the transition process.

  1. First of all, determine your needs and consider what you are looking for in a new plan manager.
  2. Find a new plan manager that aligns with these needs. Make sure you do extensive research, seek recommendations from others in the NDIS network and contact local disability organisations for referrals.
  3. Reach out to your new chosen plan manager, express your interest in working with them and make sure you set clear expectations. They will guide you through the onboarding process and may require certain documentation such as your NDIS plan.
  4. Inform your current plan manager of your decision to change. They will be the ones to process the cancellation. You will likely have an agreement with them that includes a 15 or 30 day notification period before the change over can be finalised. They can guide you through the process and provide you with any required information and documentation.
  5. Contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to inform them of your intention to change plan managers. You can do this by calling the NDIS Contact Centre on 1800 800 110 or by sending a written request.
  6. During the transition period, both your old and new plan managers will work together to ensure a seamless transfer of your NDIS plan management. This ensures that your supports and payments are not interrupted.
  7. nform your service providers about your change in plan management so that they know where to send their invoices. Any outstanding invoices after the transition will be the responsibility of your new plan manager.

Remember that changing your plan manager is a process that should be undertaken thoughtfully. Effective communication with both your current and future plan managers is key to ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing management of your NDIS plan.

Maple Services is here to help you during the transition to a new plan manager. We can also assist in finding compatible plan managers, managing the transition process, and advocating for your needs.