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Maple Community Services SIL in Hornsbury

If you’re seeking a shift into Supported Independent Living in Hornsby, whether this is for enhanced independence and autonomy or more connection to the community, Maple is here to help you. As SIL providers in Hornsby, we are dedicated to placing like-minded lodgers in a safe haven you can call home.

As an experienced team of dedicated support workers, it’s an honour to observe the positive transformations of our clients as they thrive in their new surroundings. Together, we can pave the way towards a more vibrant and inclusive future with the help of Maple’s independent living in Hornsby.

Supported Independent Living Accommodation in Hornsbury

Our SIL accommodations in Hornsbury offer:

Maple Community Services offers both Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Hornsby. All of our accommodations include:

  • Bright open plan living spaces
  • Accessible bathrooms and kitchens
  • Access to the manicured outside spaces
  • Close proximity to public transport and the community
  • The option of sole occupancy with shared support ratio
  • 24/7 support 

When you stay with Maple our friendly team will welcome you with weekly case management check-ins, access to our accessibility van and transport services, as well as participation in the community events and outings.

If you are on the hunt for a SIL or SDA Placement within Hornsbury, get in touch with Maple Community Services. We will work with you to find a suitable accommodation option, weather that be a purpose acquired home, or working with other providers to ensure the participant’s requirements are met. 

To ensure you stay well-connected to the local community, we specifically choose locations close to public transport and local amenities. During your stay with us, our inclusive and friendly team welcomes you with weekly case management check-ins, access to Maple’s accessibility van and transport services, as well as participation in community events and regular outings.

Close Transport Proximity

We carefully select our supported independent living to be close to transport links for ease of access and commuting.

24/7 Support

Talk to a real person in real time; get real life support, in the moment solutions, and 24/7 responses.

Diverse Background & Languages

80% of our Support Workers come from different cultural backgrounds and speak a diverse range of languages so you feel comfortable and at ease during your journey with us.

Supported Independent Living Application Process

Reflect on your current situation, future goals, skills, and potential for improvement. Assess the support you currently receive from non-paid sources like family and friends.

Obtain assessments from Allied Health Professionals for NDIS eligibility. These assessments should cover the impact of your disability and your housing and support needs.

Obtain a written report from an Occupational Therapist, addressing your housing needs and any situational changes, such as ageing parents no longer able to provide support.

A psychology or GP report can further support your candidacy for SIL. These reports should indicate why you are a suitable candidate for SIL.

Your Support Coordinator should submit a detailed report outlining your housing solutions and a transition plan.

You, your family members, and carers may discuss your situation and disabilities to provide evaluators with a comprehensive view of your needs and abilities.

Maple Community Services is available to assist throughout the application or reapplication process, ensuring completeness and accuracy.

The NDIS will make a final decision on the types of services that will benefit you or your loved one.

You can rely on Maple as experts in helping our clients gain SIL approval whenever it is appropriate. We are happy to help you with your or your loved one’s SIL referral. With our fast turnaround time on referrals, we can help you get started more quickly than most SIL providers.

Our approach to Supported Independent Living in Hornsby

How Maple can help with SIL in Hornsby

Maple Community Services specialises in providing SIL housing in Hornsby and the surrounding areas whether it’s in a private setting, a shared apartment, long term or short term. Our dedicated team is available round the clock to help you seamlessly navigate the intricacies of daily living and build skills for a more independent future. 

Our wealth of experience extends to working with clients with criminal convictions, those with high complex needs and hospital-to-home transitions. We can also extend our support to Support coordination and plan management with our comprehensive understanding of the complex NDIS system.

Reach out to us today for more information about disability housing in Hornsby.

Other Maple Support Services

Core Supports

Core Supports are the services that enable you to complete activities of daily living, working towards your goals, and meeting your objectives.

Support Coordination

Support Coordination means we help you identify, coordinate and access support services and disability services providers on your behalf.

Plan Management

Plan Management consists of supporting you to manage your NDIS Funding. We are the connection between you, providers, and the NDIA.


Accommodation/SIL provides assistance and/or supervision of daily tasks to help you live as independently and happily as possible.

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