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Financial Help for Depression & Mental Health

Depression NDIS

Financial Help for Depression & Mental Health

Receiving a diagnosis for depression or any other psychosocial disability marks the beginning of your path towards recovery. This pivotal moment opens the door to discovering the various avenues of support that can aid you on your journey.Financial help is available to people living with depression and other mental health conditions. The Australian government offers a Disability Support Pension in the form of financial aid and the National Disability Insurance Scheme can provide funding for assistance with daily tasks, community participation and assistive housing options.At Maple, we empathise with the challenges you may face on your road towards recovery. Acknowledging this journey can at times feel suffocating and overwhelming, and it’s important to take each day as it comes. Our commitment is to equip you with comprehensive information, empowering you to make informed decisions and realise the full spectrum of options available to you.

Is Mental Illness a Disability?

A mental health condition can be caused by a number of factors including life events and genetic predispositions. These conditions span a wide spectrum, encompassing personality issues, challenges such as psychotic or compulsive disorders, or the rollercoaster of anxiety and mood fluctuations.It’s important to recognise that not all mental health conditions are classified as disabilities. However, for those that do fall into this category, the impact on individuals’ daily lives can be profound. These conditions can influence someone's long term ability to fully engage in the community while maintaining safety and independence. It is our aim to approach these situations with empathy and understanding, recognising the unique challenges they bring to individuals' lives.

Do Mental Health Conditions Qualify for Financial Help?

If you or your loved one are living with a mental health condition, you might benefit from financial help for many reasons, such as:
  • Loss of income from severe impact on your ability to maintain employment. 
  • Costly medical expenses such as therapy, medications and regular check-ups with health professionals. 
  • Reduced productivity can lead to reduced income and potential job loss.
  • Basic living expenses and tasks might be challenging for those living with depression, including managing your finances.
  • Isolation due to depressive symptoms can lead to lack of a support system and strained relationships.
  • Depression can exacerbate financial stress, and financial difficulties can worsen depression. 
  • Preventative measures such as opportunities for lifestyle changes, therapy sessions, and self-help courses can be strengthened with financial support.

Providing financial support can be a critical step in helping people with mental health conditions to access the necessary support and resources they need to manage their mental health effectively.

NDIS Mental Health Funding

If you find that your depression or mental health condition significantly impacts your ability to manage everyday tasks and you believe you would benefit from additional supports and services, then you may be eligible for assistance through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

The fundamental purpose of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is to extend a helping hand to those grappling with disabilities, this can include mental health conditions. It aims to empower you to lead a more enriching and independent lifestyle by providing support with daily tasks and fostering connections within the community.

At Maple, we understand the importance of these services in facilitating your well-being and are here to guide you through the process with compassion and care.


How do I gain access to NDIS funding for depression and mental health?

To gain access to NDIS funding, it’s important to provide documentation confirming your mental health condition. Nevertheless, your condition does not require a specific label, and you’re not obligated to disclose this information if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. NDIS support is based on the impact of your condition on your daily living and not the diagnosis itself. Your unique experience is therefore respected throughout this process.

What is a Disability Support Pension?

If you have a mental health condition that is likely to persist for more than 2 years and stops you from working, then you may be eligible for Disability Support Pension (DSP) funded by the Australian Government. If you are eligible, you can apply for both DSP and NDIS funding. Both payments are from different funding bodies and aren’t related to each other. 

To be eligible for DSP there are rules that you will need to meet. This includes some non-medical rules such as:

  • Your age – You must be between 16 and age pension age, which is currently 65. You can apply for the DSP up to 3 months before your 16th birthday but the payments won’t begin until you turn 16.
  • Income & assets – You can still earn some income and own assets while being eligible for DSP. However, there are income and asset limits that may reduce how much you can receive. 
  • Residency status – Generally speaking you must have been an Australian resident for at least 10 years. However, under some circumstances this doesn’t apply if: 
    • You are a refugee or former refugee
    • You become unable to work or permanently blind while you are an Australian resident.
    • You are a dependent child of an Australian resident when you become unable to work or permanently blind.  

It also includes medical rules about your specific condition and how it impacts your ability to work. If you are applying due to mental health conditions you can only become eligible if your condition is diagnosed, reasonably treated and stabilised. You will need to submit evidence showing either a diagnosis from your psychologist or evidence to show that they support a diagnosis from your treating doctor.

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